Thursday, September 21, 2023

Throughout The Ages

A colleague of mine recently shared an idea with me. It was about creating a scrapbook, which they got inspired to do after meeting someone named Toby at a coffee shop. As a writer, it felt like cheating to include sentimental items, products, receipts, photographs, and other miscellaneous things in a book that only I would own. I'd love to share a scrapbook of important items, pictures, and souvenirs from my life with anyone interested in my story. I want to improve my visual arts portfolio by creating a collage using the memories and trinkets I've collected. This will be a masterpiece on a single canvas. I would use a beige background, which, contrary to popular opinion, I actually like. The souvenirs and records you can see on the frame, are from as early as 2014 and stem up to the middle of 2023.

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