Sunday, December 24, 2023

Book Sale Ended

A huge message of thanks to everyone who bought copies of my books at the start of December up until now, the prices have gone back to their standard rates but I don't intend on unnecessarily raising the prices unless Amazon dictates that the price of production rises.

Monday, December 4, 2023

You Outperformed Yesterday!

You did, you outperformed the previous day's sales on Amazon for "500 Useless Facts", and we're now firmly in the Top 50,000 club!

Can't thank you guys enough.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

I've Hit The Top 50,000 on Amazon! + Book Sale

Over the last week, I have noticed that a few of my books have sold in great numbers (most notably 500 Useless Facts) and on Saturday, I was casually browsing to notice that my book just fell outside the Top 50,000 on all of Amazon, for context; major book retailers will only generally stock books that are in the top 100,000; for this, I cannot thank you enough and this is the sort of news that inspires me to pursue my hobby/side hustle/career/dream of being an established writer among other things.

To say thank you and to help with the upcoming festive season and to encourage more sales during December, I have reduced the prices on all of my titles!

The new price list can be found on the "Books" page on this website, the prices listed are set by me on the official Amazon Marketplace so if you find anyone selling the same books for a more expensive price, you're being conned! (plus buying direct motivates me to write more books)

This sale will end on the 24th December when the original prices will come back as normal, I don't intend to put the prices up for a while unless either production costs rise or I'm forced to by Amazon itself; I'll try and give you notice ahead of time when I do that but for now, enjoy the sale and thank you for your continued support, it means a lot to me during this crucial time!

Follow-up with GreenSquareAccord

 A month ago, I had lodged an official complaint to the Housing Ombudsman about GreenSquareAccord, a housing association which took my holding deposit for a property which I pulled out from buying and delayed the refund for over 3 months...

Until on the night of the 27th November, I finally got my money back... All £250 of it. It should never have taken this long but I'm grateful for GreenSquareAccord acting promptly. Crisis averted.