Monday, September 25, 2023

Potential Book Ideas

 Every so often, this may or may not be a regularly occurring blog post due to my creativity levels.

Current fresh ideas for a potential future book or project include:

  • Listing popular ranks of everything, via survey or polls. This is a similar model to where crowd-sourced polls compile results of opinions on almost everything whether it's pop culture, food, entertainment, you name it. Think of it as a book detailing the current court of popular opinion.
  • Citizenships around the world, how easy or hard it is to gain citizenships of each country, this is something I've always wanted but sadly I have no other exotic ancestry, residency elsewhere, or a ton of money to buy a second passport. I would like to make an easy compilation to help people find citizenships they may be eligible for whether it's for ease of travel, taxation, or just because they qualify.

Google Adsense Sucks

After my Sandboarding blogging days, I have earned only about £1 per year from displaying ads on my website. Today, I received an email from Google Adsense, informing me that there are some issues I need to address before my website can be launched. Curious, I opened the email. It said I had a violation of the Adsense Program Policies. This is what Google said:

We do not allow Google-served ads on screens:
  • without content or with low-value content,
  • that are under construction.
  • that are used for alerts, navigation or other behavioural purposes.

My website is no longer under construction and its functionality is not limited to alerts, navigation, or behavioural purposes. This suggests to me that Google perceives my website as having low-value content.

Hearing this news from a company I've worked with and used their software for the past 9 years is soul-destroying. I feel like Google Adsense is undervaluing all the effort I've put into my work. I want to make the most of my earnings from my investments in domain names, hosting, email addresses, and more.

If you feel this is an open complaint letter to Google Adsense, you're right. You cannot possibly fathom the extent of feeling invalidated and how deeply it hurts to attempt to express your creativity and establish a website to exhibit your endeavours in books, art, music, and more; all for a company to say you're not our time to have our advertising.

That's why, starting now, I have decided to stop displaying advertisements on this website. Despite the ongoing costs and expenses, which seem impossible to recover, my blogging adventures have always been driven by passion rather than profit. So, from this moment on, this website will remain free of any Google-based advertising.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

How To Sell Paintings?

Some may know that the great Vincent Van Gogh didn't sell many of his paintings during his life. I feel like I would be the same, partly because like my writing, blogging, and other pursuits; I don't tend to do it for the money or any financial gain, but mostly because I consider myself to be shit.

Considering my artistic ability would be some "below standard", I also publish my works because of what I'd call personal prestige, honour, recognition, legacy, and personal achievement to name a few reasons.

Right now under the stairs of my new house that I've only very recently moved into, I have all but 4 of my paintings in that place. "Particles #2" still stands in my mum's house, "Self-Portrait #1" is above the stairs in my place, "Particles #4" is in my living room, and "Ode To Piet" belongs to my best friend, Louise. Over the last couple of weeks after publishing "Jack Soley's Art Book", I want to try and offload my works to you, the great people of the internet and the world. My journey of selling art hasn't been great, here's why:

Car Boot Sale:

I tried to sell my works at a car boot sale last week, to no avail; I had interest and lookers but no takers, the most interesting painting was "This Art Is Worthless" and it was most likely due to those looking to take off the banknotes as they could see it was more than what it was worth rather than appreciate the work for its artistic merit.


I then took the works to eBay, with low prices on the smaller prints and more appropriate prices on the larger prints including postage fees, still needed a bite.


I then decided to post my paintings on Instagram to garner social media interest, there was a gentleman who I'll call out by his Instagram name @bankroll_drooo who I thought was legitimate because of his decent number of both posts and followers. I won't give you the rigmarole of what happened but I have screenshots of our conversation for context, this came about after he left a comment saying he liked my painting and was interested in looking to buy. To avoid potential legal complications, I have blurred his "address" as much as I don't want to.

Facebook Marketplace:

Selling online, especially on Facebook takes us back to the trouble with value, yes it's free and people will fall down the rabbit hole of browsing and may find something that looks good; but the odds of someone buying a painting like mine are absurdly low, in my opinion. The beauty is I can renew the adverts once every so often and it might generate new interest.

Possible Charity Shop Donation and Solutions:

Call this a potential but last resort solution, even though I don't want to do art for money, there is a thought present at the back of my mind wanting to donate, especially the large paintings to charity shops and smaller shops to see if they can try and make some cash for the charity, and so I can free up some space.

Yes, I could keep the paintings at my mum's house in the attic, but if they weather away and/or lay forgotten, I would have wasted all that time whereas if my paintings were donated and someone had a slim chance of buying the works of mine, then I would feel reassured and chuffed knowing that the works were being viewed and admired rather than laying to rot and wither away in a loft below a tin roof.

All of my paintings come with a certificate of authenticity and I printed individual certificates that were homemade and stapled onto the frame; I also bought tamperproof stickers with numbers that correlated with the picture and the certificate, to make it look more reputable. A lot like my blogging back in the day, I'll most likely never make money with the paintings, but if it makes me happy, I'm all for it.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Inspirational Message #4

I assure you that this message is my own creation. It is based on the saying "You can't put a price on sanity." -Anon. My painting was finished on August 7, 2023. I finished painting in just one hour. The paint was still wet when I placed it on my scooter's footplate while riding home. The roundels feature an unmistakable resemblance to the influential artwork of Kandinsky, with their combination of seemingly mismatched yet harmonious colours. Although my creativity knows no bounds, unfortunately, my painting has come to a temporary halt.

Complete commentary on my artworks can be found in "Jack Soley's Art Book", available exclusively on Amazon. You can find information about this book on the "Books" page of this website.

The Ending

My last painting had a messy mixture of colours. I made use of leftover spray paints from previous projects, including painting my car wheels. The expansive canvas was delicately adorned with a vibrant spray of green and pink. Used various techniques to add different paints (red, green, yellow, blue, bronze, and white) to the painting, like spit painting, drip painting, and squeezing the bottle. I believed that this painting would be my final creation, but I was mistaken.

Monologue On Wood

View this as an expansive motto, a lengthened proverb, or a contemplative passage meant to provide a subtle reminder that directs my choices and judgments. It reminds me that expecting perfection from myself and others is unrealistic. A moral compass guides us through life's complexities. In challenging moments, when life is dull and obstacles arise, circumstances overwhelm, and societal pressures weigh, the environment feels suffocating. Take comfort, for you are never alone on this journey. Embrace your true self and all that you stand for.

Particles #4 (Wonder)

This canvas is smaller than others but has a special depth that surpasses even the grandest masterpieces. I got it at a cheap price, but there are still some blank spots on this canvas. I vividly remember it was a delightful Sunday on a bank holiday weekend. We danced and painted with acrylics until we ran out of paint or accidentally got it on our arms or clothes. Luckily, nothing like that ever happened. I worked on this project with my true love. This painting sits proudly in my new house.

Throughout The Ages

A colleague of mine recently shared an idea with me. It was about creating a scrapbook, which they got inspired to do after meeting someone named Toby at a coffee shop. As a writer, it felt like cheating to include sentimental items, products, receipts, photographs, and other miscellaneous things in a book that only I would own. I'd love to share a scrapbook of important items, pictures, and souvenirs from my life with anyone interested in my story. I want to improve my visual arts portfolio by creating a collage using the memories and trinkets I've collected. This will be a masterpiece on a single canvas. I would use a beige background, which, contrary to popular opinion, I actually like. The souvenirs and records you can see on the frame, are from as early as 2014 and stem up to the middle of 2023.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Namibia 13:54

Works can include thoughts, memories, and physical creations. Just 2 days after turning 25, my friend and I found ourselves in Windhoek, embracing the opportunity to explore the city. I want to go back to Namibia one day. We explored one of the numerous craft centres and charming small shops that the city had to offer. I found a simple painting of triangles in red, blue, white, and black colours, all converging onto the frame. The time of day in which the below photo was taken was 13:54, hence its name.


The background resembled a sponge soaked in acrylic paint, like chips dipped in ketchup at a restaurant. The green and light gold mix creates a beautiful picture of the Pacific Ocean. The water divides and separates gracefully, reflecting patterns that look like oil in water.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Street Furniture

During my inspection, I stumbled upon a document with the number D1998. It was just outside of Walvis Bay and coincidentally, it had the same numbers as my birth year. After taking a turn, a small valley or canyon came into view. From there, you can admire the arid desert and rocks, which may make you feel like you've landed on another planet. This spot is perfectly situated for a new town, secluded and far from the problems of modern society.

Ode To Piet

I was inspired by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian for this work. Mondrian's captivating grid-like artworks have left an indelible mark on my mind since childhood. I always wanted to convert my photographic memory into a physical form and create a painting in Mondrian's iconic style. Instead of rectangles and squares found in his celebrated masterpiece, Composition C, I envision an artistic creation with triangles.


I stopped collecting stamps because I didn't believe it was a hobby I could truly pursue. I had a stamp book with orange stamps and some Royal Mail stamp books. We used 1p stamps for national shipping. I made an interesting collage with many different postage stamps I bought in bulk. I used to collect stamps, but now I only have one: a blue 2nd class large letter stamp that I kept in my wallet while working on this collage.

Friday, September 8, 2023

The Tears of Britain

I recently developed a passion for painting and started studying flags. I want to add this interest to my book, including both my own words and quotes. I find comfort in using avant-garde methods to make flags when I struggle to create art that I am not happy with, such as abstract paintings. I will start by choosing a well-known design and adding my personal touch.


Mastering the art of writing with a pen should be easy, even though having artistic talent with a paintbrush may seem impressive. This assumption doesn't apply to me. Observing the wave patterns on the strips that disrupt the tricolour design doesn't require exceptional intelligence. It is somewhat difficult to distinguish between pink shapes and white shapes. The yellow angular stripe stands out by piercing through the blue, creating a striking impression.

Frozen Motion

The backdrop in Ice Cream was meant to capture subtle details such as the movement of paint swirling and pouring. Unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. I decided to try a different approach to new artistic ideas. My collection of "masterpieces" hasn't met my high standards. I use the term "masterpieces" cautiously because the quality of the works so far is mediocre. Can I freeze paint by mixing it with water? Who would be that moronic to think that would work? I am that person.

Thursday, September 7, 2023


This exceptional composition stands out for its use of wood and its depiction of imperfect geometry. In this masterpiece, the sublime triangles proudly display their triad of colours, sides, and corners, all effortlessly harmonizing in perfect symmetry. The colours are not perfect, as they have slight variations and the edges do not always align perfectly.

Particles #3.5 (B4553 No Politics)

This painting is titled after the road where I gave birth to it one evening. I used straws to paint and release the paint on the now blue canvas, which was blank twice. The painting's title features the intriguing code B4553. The second birthplace of the painting is a lay-by located on the left side of the road near Swindon. This lay-by is on the way to the village of Purton, Wiltshire. It was in my mum's Ford Focus that the painting was re-born there.

Inspirational Message #3

Although initially inspired by Pablo Picasso, upon closer inspection, it was evident that his influence did not significantly shape the final illustration. While the colour scheme may have been reminiscent of Picasso's work, the overall shape diverged entirely from his style. I did not use other photos as inspiration for the face because this one had facial hair, which many of my photos do not have. The self-portrait was the likely reason why I painted this. I intended to create another portrait-based work, but I also had the self-made proverb "Who cares? Be content." in my head for several months at that point.

Anti-Concentric Squares

The squares are not flawless, and I had a clear vision for the creation I was working on. The blank canvas was filled with blocks, coloured squares, and geometric symbols, creating a dedicated journey in homage to Piet Mondrian. In the course of my creative journey, I experienced a pivotal moment when my dearest friend offered me a firm yet impactful admonition. I used too much of her expensive purple paint. The circles look like 'a' or a circle with a small trail, coming from a hole or stamp. The stamp had too much paint, which was evident from the trail of paint flowing from the grey background.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Particles #3

I took the blackened frame to Louise's house one summer evening after work, but the paint got messy. We took a break to have a cup of tea while the artwork was drying in the sun. The undeniable truth that the canvas feels a bit loose and not tightly held up against the frame tells me that it’s slowly deteriorating. I will do everything I can to protect this painting, using all the resources I have. In fact, I have even begun exploring the possibility of creating a t-shirt featuring the artwork, considering it as my ultimate masterpiece.

Four Stages

The panels are intricately connected, forming a cohesive composition when displayed together. Each panel can be seen as a standalone piece, but it gains a deeper meaning and context when viewed together with its visually harmonious friends. In this case, the quadriptych (polyptych) was represented as 4 individual works within one collection, or in my approach Four Stages.

Self Portrait #1

This painting I've created is a testament to my personal journey of embracing a distinct painting style, born out of a deep struggle within. Although I faced some initial challenges, I am proud of the commendable effort I put into my first attempt at portrait painting. The painting is special to me as it reminds me of my visa for a memorable trip to India in 2017 with my good friend.

Particles #2 (For Mum)

In the unused shed for 4 years, found the same paint as upstairs. I shook the paint vigorously for about 10 minutes. Then, I applied a smooth layer of matte emulsion paint in a captivating blue shade, completely transforming the previous design. The paint dried overnight and another unique and colourful design was created.

Particles #1

A spit painting is a unique form of art where the artist creates captivating masterpieces using their mouth. In the summer of 2022, I discovered my ability to create artworks inspired by Jackson Pollock. I call this collection "Particles" because it blends Pollock's style with my own unique touch.

This Art Is Worthless

Bought notes and glue on May 6, 2022. I purchased a few bulk notes from eBay. Then, I reached out to other companies to see if they had any spare notes that they couldn't sell. I made sure to adhere to the rule of not overlapping or cutting any notes, ensuring the preservation of the piece's original integrity. I gave up on following this rule towards the end because it was practically impossible for me to do so after placing the first note. When using UV or Infrared light on the canvas, you'll see colourful patterns from the front and back of the notes.

Ice Cream

I was disappointed because my article lacked interesting or unique elements, which would have made it more credible. I considered food-related work for inspiration. I mixed brown with pink, brown, and yellow paint on the canvas. This artistic experiment brought me back to my first painting ever and transformed it into a captivating, melting masterpiece.

Chucked Off A Hill

Gravity plays an essential role in accomplishing this impressive feat. Its remarkable work is truly exceptional. It started on this hill with a colour arrangement, before going on a remarkable journey leading to the outcome. I did it out of curiosity, to use my oil paints, and to create a painting inspired by the cosmos. The title of the work, "Chucked Off A Hill," aptly encapsulates the essence of how I crafted this magnificent masterpiece.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Inspirational Message #2

When life becomes too much to handle, and you find yourself in a seemingly insurmountable situation, consider it as a chance to push your limits. I experienced this when I was still residing with my mother. Instead of seeing it as a hopeless situation, I saw it as a chance to improve my home life, save money, increase productivity, and most importantly, create a safety net for unexpected difficulties. Different people may see limitations as opportunities, depending on their personal circumstances. I noticed that the colours were similar to the Pan-Arab movement, which added a unique touch that my other source of inspiration lacked.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Jack Soley's Art Book

Publication Date: 28 August 2023

Formats: Hardback, Paperback, and E-book

ISBN: 9798859188604

"Jack Soley's Art Book" is a captivating exploration of creativity and expression or lack thereof. It presents a remarkable collection of diverse works, spanning various mediums and styles, from an artist whose unique approach thrives in its mediocrity. Delve into a world of captivating visuals that evoke emotions, challenge perceptions, and invite contemplation. These projects in this book each have a story, and a history as to how these works were conceived. Each masterpiece tells a unique story, encapsulating the artist's vision and highlighting the boundless potentiality of imagination. This art book invites you to immerse yourself in the power of visual storytelling. Modern, abstract, minimalist styles are the order of the day; and this is the book in which you will find it.

In 2014, I got into many different ventures. I tried various activities such as music, art, and writing, but I discovered that blogging interested me the most. This hobby became my favourite and I focused less on other ventures. I tried painting for a short time, but I got bored quickly. So, I decided to find another hobby to stimulate my growing but weak brain. I hoped to discover something I could excel at.

All the artworks in this book are created by me. I make sure that each painting is unique in some way. When I interpret works from other artists, I always add my perspective without copying their style or art. To put it simply, I strive to be an imitator and never a duplicator.

This book is on sale now available in paperback, hardback, and e-book formats. Book prices start from £1.99 and are available from this Amazon Link here (opens a new window).

Inspirational Message #1

Following a brief hiatus from my painting endeavours, I encountered a formidable challenge in seeking out fresh inspiration for my forthcoming artistic creations. Visiting my friend Louise's brilliantly illuminated studio was like stepping into a world of boundless creativity, an awe-inspiring contrast to my own modest kitchen. I realised that I didn't have the patience, focus, or precision needed for intricate work. Yet, in the face of these challenges, I was determined to create something unique and unexpected. I realized that like poetry captivates readers with words, visual art can move art lovers in the same way. To make text artwork effective, I created a message with character and meaning, as if it reveals one's true potential.

Friday, September 1, 2023

Storm Eunice Did It

The original photograph took hold of a humble yet vibrant panorama of the bustling New York City. It might have been Times Square or any other bustling street, adorned with yellow taxis scattered along the road. When I couldn't find a frame in the standard sizes I usually use, I decided to go for something bigger. However, the New York style didn't quite fit with my London-themed wallpaper, so I took matters into my own hands and painted it black. I released paint into the air during the storm and let nature create a beautiful work.