Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Translating My Art Book

In order to potentially reach a bigger audience, I have a vision of translating my art book into another language; I don't have the intellect or budget to hire a professional to translate the book word for word; and as I write this I may even consider a crowd-funding idea.

If I translate a book, I'll most likely translate it into Spanish, because it's the other language I grew up with in school. It's the language I feel I'm most comfortable marketing to as it's widely spoken in North & South America so there's a nice geographical spread. I have some factual backing as it's the 5th most common language for a book to publish.

I'm deciding not to publish in Mandarin as it's only spoken mostly in the PRC, ROC, and Singapore; and I feel like since I can only use Amazon for my distribution, I don't feel like I can market as well to a Mandarin-speaking audience; even though Mandarin is the 2nd most common language for book publishing instead of English. The same story applies to translating my books into Russian, as Amazon hasn't got as good of an audience right now because of things in the news.

If the book is translated into Spanish or indeed another tongue, I may also consider changing the title to something more generic, such as: "My Portfolio", "A Compilation Of Bad Art", etc...

If anyone has any ideas for translation services or can give me ideas for other ways I can re-publish my book, please let me know.