Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Citizenship Book in Progress + Possible Education

I mentioned this some time ago, but I'm still fond of writing books... for now.

The idea I threw about a book on acquiring citizenships and seeing where you could be a citizen, has begun. I have a feeling this will be the longest book I've ever written (the current record being 215 pages) as I've just finished the prologue and the first chapter (Afghanistan) and it's already taken me to 11 pages, if we're assuming every UN member country will be given an average of 3.5 pages; we'll be at 675 pages. I know. I'll be disappointed if it's not as much of a hit as hoped.

Another plan after writing books is to take maybe 3-4 years as a break just so I can do some part-time study, as I believe a creative writing degree would be a good idea to pass the time. I don't need or want a creative writing degree for any career, but because I'm already paying a student loan for a Level 4 qualification since 2019, I realistically won't have any chance of paying it back because of how the student loan system works in the UK, I may as well go for it.

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