Monday, September 25, 2023

Potential Book Ideas

 Every so often, this may or may not be a regularly occurring blog post due to my creativity levels.

Current fresh ideas for a potential future book or project include:

  • Listing popular ranks of everything, via survey or polls. This is a similar model to where crowd-sourced polls compile results of opinions on almost everything whether it's pop culture, food, entertainment, you name it. Think of it as a book detailing the current court of popular opinion.
  • Citizenships around the world, how easy or hard it is to gain citizenships of each country, this is something I've always wanted but sadly I have no other exotic ancestry, residency elsewhere, or a ton of money to buy a second passport. I would like to make an easy compilation to help people find citizenships they may be eligible for whether it's for ease of travel, taxation, or just because they qualify.

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